Life Is Better On A Boat

It’s officially summer and the temperatures in South Louisiana are heating up, fast! When I was little, summer meant pool parties and going to the beach. Now that I’m older, I still frequent the pool, but getting away to the beach takes coordination and time we (my husband and I) don’t always have. Instead, taking our boat out can be a day trip or even an overnight trip (if we stay at our friend’s camp), weather permitting!

A little back story: Josh bought a boat three years ago, before we even got married (priorities, am I right?). I’ll admit I was little wary at first, I mean the only boat we’d ever had before that was a canoe. But, ever since then, it’s been a staple in our weekend plans. After all, weekends on the boat are weekends well spent.

Boating in South Louisiana

This past weekend is the first time we’ve been out in a few weeks due to the abnormal amount of rain we’ve seen lately! Tropical Storm Cindy came through and dumped a ton of rain and even flooded the landing where we launch the boat. The docks were under water, but it’s nothing we’ve haven’t seen before and couldn’t work around.

After launching the boat, we wind our way down the creek that leads to the river that then leads the lake. The lake is usually the final destination and where we can wakeboard, tube, and float! P.S. Did anyone see my wakeboard-ing video on Instagram? It was my first day trying it and I was able to get the hang of it!

Josh has taught me everything I know about boating. For the longest time I was too scared to drive the boat–it’s a little different than driving a car y’all. But, I’ve got the hang of it now! Y’all can call me Captain Allison. Of course, a captain is only as good as his co-captain–meet mine: Laney!

Laney loves taking the boat out as much as we do! She loves the wind in her face and the amount of bugs she gets to chase and eat! She’ll even get in the lake from time to time–it gets pretty hot out there and everyone needs to cool off sometimes. To ease the worry of this fur-momma, she always wears her life jacket! My favorite thing about doggie life-jackets is the fact that they have an easy grab handle, in case you need to yank them out of the water!

The ride down the river is so peaceful; you rarely see any other boats (unless it’s Labor Day weekend or Memorial Day weekend). It’s just you, the sunshine, and the gators! Don’t worry; if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you! Going down the river is the ultimate relaxation and the best way to clear your mind. In fact, I’d argue that going out on a boat does wonders for your well-being!

If you’re still not convinced that a few hours on a boat can make a great getaway, check out the view of the lake! It’s my favorite when it’s smooth as glass. When planning your next adventure on the water, make sure you’re prepared for a day on the water.


When taking the boat out, I make sure to pack of few things to help make the day run smoothly and so I’m prepared for almost anything! We’ve already covered the first item of business:

Life jackets. We ALWAYS have life jackets in the boat and Laney ALWAYS wears one.
Sunnies. Josh wears his Costas and I always have a pair or two in the boat.

Sunscreen. This is a must even when it’s overcast! I have sensitive skin so brands like Neutrogena and Aveeno work best! Apply and then make sure you reapply.

Snacks on snacks on snacks. I’m currently obsessed with Boom Chicka Pop and Go Squeez Applesauce. Perfect boat snacks! Josh prefers all of the sunflower seeds and sometimes Whales (which he argues are WAY better than Goldfish)!
Towels. You’ll want to dry off after your swim in the lake/river. Towels come in handy if you run into a stray rain shower or two!

Koozie. No one wants cold or wet hands, so make sure you pack a koozie or two! We always store a few in the boat just in case!

An ice chest stocked with drinks. Being out on the boat in the heat of the day can be draining. That’s why we always stock the Yeti with lots and lots of water and other fun drinks!

So what are you waiting for? Get out on a boat today! If you’re interested in owning a boat, visit Discover Boating’s website. They have cost comparison tools that can help make the buying decision easier. Take it from a boat owner, owning a boat is way more affordable than you’d think–and oh so worth it!

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Discover Boating This Summer

I kinda hate to admit just how wrong I was about this.

Especially since my husband was the one who was right.

But, I was oh-so-wrong about boating and boats.

You see, I thought we didn’t need a boat and that boating was expensive. My husband would show me pictures of boats and I’d glance at them, make some sort of non-committal noise and then go back to whatever it was that I had been doing.

But, then we went out on a friend’s boat a few times.

And suddenly, I got it.

It was so relaxing! While you can do different things on a boat, around here, it means you take a short boat ride to an island and hang out for the day. It’s very laid back: the islands aren’t crowded like the beaches are, there’s only so far the kids can go, and the water is much calmer there than it is at the beaches we normally drive to, so there’s less concern about riptides and strong currents.

We can walk around the island, play in the water, play games in the sand, the kids can fish, and we can just hang out and relax. And bonus: the kids are actually unplugged on these boat trips since we aren’t bringing any devices out on the water.


I started to understand what my husband was saying about wanting a boat. And while we’d see all sorts of boats out on the water: fishing boats, pontoon boats, ski boats… owning a boat can be surprisingly affordable, especially if you’re just looking for an entry-level boat. Boating is predominantly “middle-class” with 72 percent of boat owners having a household income less than $100,000. (Source: Discover Boating Survey by Wakefield Research) Discover Boating has a boat loan calculator that can help, along with a boat selector tool to help you figure out which type of boat fits your lifestyle and budget.

We didn’t need anything fancy, just a way to get out on the water and spend the day with friends. We’ve made it out on the water a few times this summer and plan to go more. It’s such a great family activity.

discover boating

If you’re a little skeptical like I was, you can still get out on the water without buying your own boat. has an interactive Go Boating Today tool that generates local options for boat rentals, classes, charters and more, by simply entering a city or zip code.

Or maybe you’ll end up falling in love with being out on the water, and then you can check out their other resources for things like boat safety tips, boating with kids, boat maintenance, and towing your boat (do not expect me to ever be the one to back the boat into the water though… even if that might make for a highly embarrassing entertaining video…).

Be sure to sign up for the monthly newsletter at Discover Boating for tips and tools to get you out on the water.


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Exploring Boats As A Family

I remember learning how to water ski when I was 7 years old. I had snoopy skis that were tied together so I wouldn’t end up in the splits. I started off standing in about a foot of water and taking off from the shore line. Over the summers I continued to improve and by high school I was able to ski slalom. We had family friends with an awesome lake house and we spent every Labor Day of high school on the lake inner tubing and skiing.

The Mister and I have talked about investing in a boat for some time. He has always been a boat lover. I remember a story his dad tells about tiring him to the mast of a sail boat when he was just shy of grade school. What I would give to see a picture of that. As he got older he continued to spend time on the water;skiing, canoeing, kayaking and rafting. For a summer during college he guided in Big Bend National Park for a rafting outfitter.

When we started dating we spent many weekends canoeing various canyons in Big Bend National Park. In just a few weeks he will be rafting the Grand Canyon with my father in law. It seems natural that we would want our children to grow up loving boating and the water.

Back to buying a boat, so we can’t decide what kind of boat fits our family needs currently and we can’t decide what fits our budget right now either. I’ve been doing some research on to see if we can figure it all out. What I love about this site is that it tells me all about various boats, has a calculator to help me break down the cost of owning a boat and bonus, allows me to search for local boat rental companies.

Since we are in the beginning stages of this decision we thought it would be fun to take JDub out on a boat for the first time and see what he thinks. I used the search feature on the site and located a reputable rental company in our area. Reservations were made and we had an amazing day of family fun out on the lake.

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Summer Solstice on the Lake

We had a unique opportunity to hit the lake this last Wednesday, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate the summer solstice on the water. Being on a boat is one of my favorite things, albeit I don’t get to do it very often at all. The breeze, smells of summer, and sound of the boat slipping through the water are just the highlights. That’s not to mention the memories your making with your people. They just can’t be beat. Basically, what I’m saying is you need to book a boat now because you absolutely will not regret it!

If there was a vote for who had the most fun, Greer takes the win. This girl is obsessed with the breeze and the way it dances in her hair. She is also a huge fan of the water (bath time is her all-time favorite). Combine the two, and I’m pretty sure our girl would say she got a small taste of heaven. To top it all off, her daddy even let her drive the boat 😉

We opted for an evening to dusk adventure, and I can’t recommend this enough. While I love to go during prime tanning hours of the day (yes, I love to get soak in vitamin D for a healthy glow!), there’s a whole different experience to boating as the sun goes down. It’s so peaceful on the practically empty waters (thanks to a mid-week voyage), and the golden sun sparkling on the water is more beautiful than pictures will do justice.

As much as I would have loved to stay out until the sun was down, we adhere to a toddler bedtime schedule that we like not to mess with. But, that didn’t keep us from having a blast, and we loved every minute on the glistening water. We’d like to say we’re boat people, even if we’re only on the lake once every couple of years 🙂

I packed us a dinner picnic to enjoy on the lake, and brought along our bathing suits on the chance that we would feel up for a dip in the water. If you’re going to boat in the evening, a picnic on the lake + a anchored boat + country music on the radio, makes for a perfect combination. My suggestion is to keep dinner light and simple. We had a cold pasta salad (pasta shells, peas, grape tomatoes, bacon, and avocado), fresh fruit, and chicken poppers that I made just before we left and wrapped up to keep warm. For an extra treat, I made cheesecake brownies.

Our family had an incredible time boating, and decided on the spot that this “boating on the summer solstice” would be a new family tradition. If you’re looking to get out on the water this summer for a day, an evening, or to start your own tradition, be sure to check out all things boating HERE!

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The Most Luxurious Yacht Ever Made | Showcasing Fine Art Gift Ideas

While most of us are still dreaming of a perfect vacation, there are some who are privileged enough to enjoy it whenever they want. Back in the days, boats serve as a necessity for anglers and bringing home an abundance of the daily catch. It’s a simple vessel built with basic provisions. But within the past decades, it evolves into something more valuable. People seek more engine power, speed, and latest designs to showcase their wealth.

Luxury yachts began to stride the waters during the early 20th century. The art of building a luxury yacht was a status symbol to unparalleled wealth. It’s a floating vessel of magnificent indulgence which only the richest of the rich can afford. With all its sophisticated state of the art technology not to mention lavish designs, it’s meant to roam the open waters with pride.  

Two of the super yachts, the Savarona and the Christina O were built during the growing popularity of building luxury yachts. That may seem too far back, but today most the luxury yachts are made with only the finest materials. Here are the top five most luxurious yacht ever made: Refined, Trendy and Realistic 3D Bathymetric Wood Charts

# 5 Superyacht A (estimated market value of $323 million)

Blohm and Voss of Hamburg designed the Superyacht A. Why A? It was named after its wealthy owners Andrey and Aleksandra Melnichenko, both are Russian billionaires. Standing at 400-feet long and measuring up to 24,000 square feet, it looks like a crossover of a submarine and a stealth warship. However, it does have luxurious facilities most of us only dreamed of. It has a 2,500 square feet master bedroom, six guest suites, and a disco. The tableware and glassware are made of the finest French crystal. It also has a helicopter hanger and a speed boat. Three swimming pools are built to enjoy 14 guests which served by 42 crew members. 3D Nautical Wood Chart Maps

#4 Dubai (estimated market value: $350 million)

Initially Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei custom-made Dubai with the help of Blohm and Voss and Lürssen shipyards. The prince commissioned building the luxury yacht 10 years before its launch in 2006. However, Platinum Yachts was later bought the yacht for the King of Dubai, (thus the name) Sheik Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum. His Highness designed the interior of the yacht with handmade mosaics and an accent of circular glass steps. The steps even change its color as the light reflects on it above the top deck.

The King intentionally designed the yacht with bold colors with large common area and lounge. There are also several guest suites and VIP rooms all lavishly designed. In a yacht as big as Dubai, it needs more than several people to serve its passengers. The crew area alone can accommodate 115 people.

The Dubai also has a big swimming pool, several Jacuzzis, and a spacious sunbathing area. To top it off, it has a helipad which can hold a 9.5-ton helicopter. Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan

#3 Azzam  (estimated market value: $650 million)

Lürssen Yachts do know their thing, as another one of their creations created waves of awesomeness. They recently built a $650 million luxury yacht christened as Azzam to the President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan.

Christophe Leoni, a French interior decorator known for his luxurious and extravagant creations designed Azzam. What makes Azzam even more amazing is its immense size and top speed. Even at 590 feet long, this does not stop the super yacht in reaching top speeds of 30 knots or 35mph, one of the fastest yachts created. Unfortunately, the outside world knew little about Azzam.

# 2 Eclipse (estimated market value: $1.5 billion)

Another Russian billionaire owns the world’s second most expensive yacht. Roman Abramovich bought Eclipse worth from $800,000 to $1.5 billion. The builders? No other than Blohm and Voss of Hamburg and they outdid themselves in doing so. Measuring around 536 feet, Eclipse has the state-of-the-art defense technology while enjoying the world’s most luxurious facilitates.
It has two swimming pools, two helicopter pads, a number of hot tubs, a disco hall and 24 cabins for guests. A surprising take on the luxury line? Eclipse can hold a mini-submarine, three launch boats and capable of going 50 meters underwater.

The super luxurious yacht has a missile defense system, bulletproof windows, and intruder detection systems. No paparazzi can even take pictures of anyone onboard Eclipse, as laser beams will block their professional cameras. Now, that’s security to its highest level.

# 1 History Supreme (estimated market value: $4.5 billion)

And the number one spot goes to the History Supreme. A UK based luxury designer Stuart Huges took three years to complete its extravagant design. An unnamed uber rich Malaysian businessman purchased History Supreme for $4.5 billion. The most expensive yacht in the world has solid gold and platinum designs with 220,000 lbs of other precious metals.

Builders coated History Supreme with a thin layer of solid gold from top to bottom. If that is not enough precious metal, the master bedroom is adorned with meteorite rock and a sculpture made from real Tyrannosaurus bones. The Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium is lined with 68 kg of 24-caret gold. And if that is not enough, designer included a liquor bottle decorated with a rare 18.5-carat diamond, it’s worth alone amounts to $45 million. To keep connection inland, there’s an iPhone with 500 cut diamonds. Another fancy feature includes two interchangeable diamonds over its home button, a 7.4-carat pink and an 8-carat rare diamond.

Carved Lake Art is the go to place for nautical gifts for the boater in your life. We offer custom laser cut wood maps, charts and memorabilia like coffee tables, clocks, and pillow maps.

Keepsakes you want to keep close you your Heart at

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Musky Tips Built For Success!

Second Saddle Muskies

By: Larry Smith

Everyone knows I’m a walleye guy.  I’m in pursuit of this marble-eyed fish almost every day, guiding clients and friends on lakes throughout Wisconsin from Winnebago to the Bay of Green Bay. Now, don’t get me wrong; I love fishing for walleye. If I didn’t, it sure would be hard to do what I do everyday, being the type of personality that gets bored easily. However, there is one particular species of fish that really gets me amped up more than I already am:  Muskies.   

It seems hard to believe that a “can’t-sit-still” persona would choose the hunt for the so-called “fish of a thousand casts” to be one of his favorite types of fishing, but it is exactly the “hunting” part that seems to be the addiction; keeping me up nights before musky trips. (Not that I sleep much anyway.)  Muskies sit right below mankind in the predatory hierarchy, grow BIG, are incredible to behold and, indeed, are extremely challenging to catch, even for the most seasoned of fishermen; all reasons illustrating why I love it so much. If it were easy to hit the water on any given day and catch five giant muskies, would the people that pursue them still be addicts of the sport?  Some of you will probably say, “Heck yeah!  I want things easy!” If that were the case, the mystique of this fish would be completely gone.  Photos of trophy muskies would become blasé, and the sense of accomplishment after catching one would be completely diluted. It IS the challenge that MAKES musky fishing what it is.

Being the chosen fish of this great state, there are many, many good musky waters in Wisconsin from north to south. Waters I guide on a regular basis, such as The Petenwell Flowage, hold many big fish as well as some of the upriver lakes of the Winnebago system.  There are even rumors of some giant muskies being caught out in the vast open water areas of Lake Winnebago itself.  However, there is one system that stands out like blaze orange in the November woods when it comes to truly giant fish:  The Bay of Green Bay.

The Great Lakes strain of spotted musky, after having been reintroduced to Green Bay through stocking efforts, has thrived with many 50” fish taken every year.  Much debate has taken place about whether or not Green Bay could produce a new world record. From the fish I’ve seen out of this system over the years, it sure seems possible. Green Bay muskies, being gluttons of the Bay’s abundant forage, have the massive girth to go along with their length; making them considerably heavier than their river system counterparts who deal with current and “lean-out.”  It’s like the donut-eating couch potato vs. the marathon runner (not that donuts make you fat) when comparing lake fish to river fish. In this game, size matters, so bring on the donuts.

Many anglers choose trolling to cover huge areas of water looking for fish.  Although this is a great method, and I often troll the Bay with much success. (Evident in the giant musky caught on one of last season’s episodes of Larry Smith Outdoors.)  Casting, however, and the ultimate hand-to-hand combat experience associated with the technique is how I really prefer to hunt these beasts.

Traditional methods for musky casting employ 7-8’ heavy-action baitcasting outfits, spooled with heavy braid (50-100 lb. test), heavy wire leaders and, attached at the end, a variety of huge cranks, bucktails, spinners, topwaters, etc. (usually a foot or more in length.)  The old adage does hold true that big baits get big fish.  Many trophy muskies have been caught, and will continue to be caught on these traditional baits. However, through my career as a guide over the past 30 years, I have stumbled upon a slightly different approach to casting. 

Before I get into this modified casting approach, let me explain a little about finding potential holding areas for this technique. During mid to late summer, cabbage beds are key. The proverbial tiger of fresh water does like to have a jungle to live in. Cabbage beds provide shade from the summer sun in the Bay’s clear water, and also offer cover from which muskies can ambush potential prey.  However, due to the lack of aforementioned “summer heat” over the past few seasons, cabbage has not as been as plentiful, which pushes a lot of fisherman to troll instead of casting to find fish. Cool summers have cabbage growing in 8-10 feet of water, coming up to within 4-5 feet of the surface.  On a normal “hot” summer, cabbage will grow in as deep as 14 feet of water coming up to 6 feet from the surface or closer. More cabbage means more preferred musky habitat, along with more opportunities for a successful casting approach.

The technique I’m about to illustrate was born out of boredom. When guiding for muskies, it is critical to give your clients first shot at potential spots. While my clients cast from the bow, I stay at the stern and control the boat with the trolling motor; positioning them for what will hopefully be a chance at a fish. Now, I’m the type of guy who always has to have something to do. The “sit and relax” approach does not bode well with me, so naturally I had to find something to do while hanging out in the back of the boat. Clients would be casting traditional baits such as bucktails, jakes, ernies, and the like, so figuring it wouldn’t be the best idea to have more meat hooks flying around, I started casting smaller profile spinners, cranks, etc.; baits more fitting for pike, bass or walleye over the spots my clients had previously fished. Guess what? I started catching fish.

If you think about it, the technique makes sense. Green Bay muskies are no secret, and fishing pressure is steadily increasing every year. Fish become accustomed to seeing the same baits day after day, year after year. Smaller baits, some as small as 5 inches in length, are normally off the radar when it comes to musky fisherman, so the fish have not become acclimated to these types of lures, which is definitely an advantage. The rod and reel is probably the same setup you would use for pike fishing; a medium-heavy baitcasting combination. However, when braids and superlines are the norm these days, I opt for a 40 lb. monofilament instead. If you think about smaller baits and their construction, they most likely are fitted with lighter hooks than you would typically use for musky fishing. The mono gives you that extra stretch that is lacking in braids which is critical when trying to land a trophy-caliber fish; especially if they hit on a figure eight, or if they make a run close to the boat. When if comes to the lures, I’m not going to mention any specific names, but I will tell you that they are your typical musky profiles only much, much smaller. 

So WHEN should you use these smaller baits? Whenever you have pressured fish that won’t respond to traditional lures, or if you’ve raised a fish that won’t commit, it’s probably a good idea to downsize. This is a technique that shines for multiple anglers. One person throws traditional baits, and the person riding second saddle throws the downsized versions. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been using these downsized baits behind my clients only to their dismay when they see me hooking up in the back of the boat.

Hooking and landing a monster musky on this lighter tackle is no small task.  You have to fight the fish carefully in order to not straighten-out hooks or break the fish off. A long battle on light tackle, although it is a great demonstration of angling skill, also means more stress on the fish which brings me to the most important aspect of musky fishing:  Proper fish handling and release.

I’m probably more nervous about the release of the fish than I am about actually getting it in the boat. Trophy muskies are arguably THE most incredible fish in all of fresh water and need to be handled with respect.

  • Always use a cradle or an oversized net with mesh that will not rip fins, remove protective slime, or harm the fish in anyway. It should be big enough for the fish to have plenty of room while inside. Always keep the fish in the water while in the net.
  • Have pliers, hook cutters, spreaders, etc. ready at all times. When the hookup happens, the last thing you or the fish need is to be rummaging around looking for tools.
  • Wear fish handling gloves made to protect you and the fish or, at the very least, always handle the fish with wet hands.
  • Have camera equipment ready for your photos or videos. Keep the fish in the water until you are ready for your shots.
  • NEVER hold a trophy musky vertically. This can cause serious damage to the spine/gill plate that will most likely end in the fish’s demise. Always support the weight of the fish by holding it horizontally. If you can’t lift the behemoth by yourself, swallow your pride and get help, or perhaps reconsider holding the fish at all and just unhook and release it while it’s in the water
  • Spend time reviving the fish properly at boat side. A played-out musky can take up to a half-hour to revive depending on the length of the battle and the water temperature. Make sure the fish is strong enough to swim off under its own power and remain upright in the water.

Watching your trophy swim off to be caught another day is just as inspiring as catching it. Without the proper release of these fish, the chance of Green Bay producing a world record is certainly a long shot at best. We are SO fortunate to have this amazing fishery. Let’s do everything possible to sustain it so everyone, including the fish, can say, “It’s a great day to be alive!”

Larry Smith is a full-time, multispecies guide in Wisconsin with 30 years of experience.  He is also host of Larry Smith Outdoors television; fresh, weekly outdoor programming airing on Fox Sports North, Fox Wisconsin, CW18 Milwaukee, and Time Warner Cable Sports Channel.  Check local listings for broadcast times or visit Like Larry Smith Outdoors on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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New York: The Best Pizza in Town | Heirloom Quality Art HERE!

Most people associate New York in the most popular pizza in the world, the New York-style Pizza.  Hand-tossed, thin-crust dough characterized the region’s best pizza. So soft but with a distinct crisp along its edge, it is good enough to be folded in half to eat it.

The New York-style pizza is very much like the original Italian take on the communal food. But, every state in the country has its own take on pizza.  Back in the days, the pizza was just an inexpensive peasant food made by southern Italian immigrants who came in the country. Now, it becomes a staple food in most American homes.

The average Joe eats about 46 slices or 23 pounds of pizza in a year. That’s about 100 acres of pizza a day or 350 slices of pizza being eaten per second. There are about 61, 269 pizzerias in the country, with growing numbers each year.

And with all sorts of pizzerias exist in NY; it is like finding a needle in a haystack to get the best-tasting pizza in the city. Here are some of the best pizzerias to try whenever you are in NY. Refined, Trendy and Realistic 3D Bathymetric Wood Charts

Juliana’s Pizza

Location:  19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY

One of the few coal-fired pizzerias left in New York, locals flock Juliana’s Pizza. The line outside the place says it all but is worth the wait. The staffs are all professional and very efficient keeping the line going. They seat people as soon as a table becomes available. They serve astounding pizzas with a perfect balance bread, sauce, and cheese. Their margarita stands out from the rest, so it is always good to start there. They close early though, so it is best to come before 10 pm. 3D Nautical Wood Chart Maps

Paulie Gee’s

Location: 60 Greenpoint Ave (between Franklin St & West St), Brooklyn, NY

Paulie Gee’s served incredible pizza in a 19th-century theme bar. The ambiance makes it even more authentic, with fresh ingredients that everything you could ask for. They serve Napoli-style pizzas right from the oven that’s why they don’t take any delivery order or any reservations. Paulie Gee’s lived by first come first serve. Another great thing about the place is that they offer vegan cheese pizzas for health buff but still taste great. In some days, Paulie will even come to one of the tables and asks how their patrons are doing, which is always nice considering how popular the place is. Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan


Location: 575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY

Want to know another hidden gem in New York? Lucali pizzeria is one of the best-kept pizza places in Brooklyn. What makes it so special? Aside from their blockbuster pizzas, they also serve great calzone which is the best in the city. Lucali only uses the highest quality cheeses and homemade sauces on their pizzas. The combination of both main ingredients gives their food a unique taste that makes everyone falls in love. Our charts are beautiful, free shipping, satisfaction is guaranteed

Emmy Squared

Location: 364 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY

Tired of the usual NY-style pizza? Emmy Squared got you covered, they take to bring out something unique to the table. People are raving about their soft crust and their unique topping flavors. They make toppings with almost every flavor ranging from sweet to spicy, some with honey drizzle on top or even ranch dressings. They also serve burgers on pretzels buns. Beer taps are another bonus going to this place.

Quality 3d Laser Cut Art at


Location: 435 Halsey St, Brooklyn, NY

Saraghina place is unique for its rustic ambiance which serves wood-fired pizza in a coffee bar. It is that hangout that everyone in the group will love. They offer great menu options all throughout the day. The star of the show is, of course, their pizza but they also serve great paninis, salads, and a wide selection of wines. Feeling overwhelmed with their menu, do not fret, their friendly staff will help you pairing everything.

Buy Unique 3D Bathymetric Wood Charts at FREE SHIPPING!

Sottocasa Pizzeria

Location: 298 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY (between Smith & Hoyt St.)

Craving for just a slice of pizza? Sottocasa Pizzeria is just right for you; they serve single size thing crust pizza from the wood-fired oven.  Their creations are authentic Italian made pizza at a reasonable price. You can also pair your pizza with one of their salads and crafty Italian beers. There is a lot to admire and love about this place including their friendly staffs.

If you LOVE Brooklyn, New York AND PIZZA 🙂 YOU will enjoy our framed 3D bathometric charts of “Brooklyn, New York” depicting the shoreline and depths and bottom contours of the city. Maybe share this with a friend for a gift idea!

from Carved Lake Art Blog

Beach Destinations at Hilton Head | Awesome Topographic Maps Here

Quality 3d Laser Cut Art at
Hilton Head made it again as the number two for the most beautiful beaches in the world. Number one spot goes to Palawan in the Philippines. But hey, you don’t need a passport to go to one of the most pristine beaches. It is best to pack your bags and put your vacation mode on for these Hilton Head beaches.

Crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches besieged Hilton Head Island. The 12-mile stretch of South Carolina coastline provides breathtaking views of pristine beaches comparable to paradise. You cannot run out of ideas to do for your family in this place, you can surf, sail, ski board in the Atlantic Ocean. Your family would enjoy a trip to rolling dunes, go on a parasailing adventure, and fly a kite. Or you could just do what most people choose, relax by the beach, walk in its majestic shorelines and just enjoy the sun.

With so many beautiful beaches littered across Hilton Head Island, it is almost impossible to settle for just one.  From Alder Lane to Palmetto Dunes Beach, you can find the perfect spot for you and for your loved ones.

The official beach season in Hilton Head Island starts from the 1st of April lasting until the 30th of September. As safety goes first, public beaches in the island have lifeguards to look over beach goers.

Here are some of the Best Beaches in the Region!

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Alder Lane

Located in the southernmost part of Hilton Head Island, Alder Lane is a low-key destination perfect for an intimate time with your family. You can walk along in its sandy shoreline and have a nice dip in its pristine waters. Alder Lane is just a few minutes’ walk from Marriott Grand Ocean Resort and accessible by a bike ride from the nearest town. It has complete facilities like restrooms and fully-stocked vending machines. Parking should not be a problem as there is an hourly parking lot just across the street. 3D Nautical Wood Chart Maps

Burke’s Beach

Want to get away from the crowd? Burke’s Beach has it in for you; it’s a serene destination a perfect escapade if you want some peace and quiet vacation time. But don’t let this fool you; Burke’s Beach has the best waves in the island. Surfing enthusiasts often flock the area, its best to go early in the morning as they only have limited parking space.

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Coligny Beach

Hailed as the most popular beach in the region, Coligny Beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.  They offer splash pad for the kids and volleyball nets for adults. Aside from free beach parking space, there are sand showers, umbrellas, and water fountains. You can also rent bikes and Hobie Cats or just enjoy relaxing on the sandy beach of Coligny Beach. There are several restaurants lined at Coligny Plaza, just a few walks away from the beach. Refined, Trendy and Realistic 3D Bathymetric Wood Charts

Driessen Beach Park

Who can resists barbecues on a beach in summer? Driessen Beach Park will let you do that, equipped with picnic tables, grills and metered parking it is a perfect weekend getaway.  The beach also offers sand showers, lifeguards, restrooms, umbrellas and vending machines. For recreational activity, you could rent one of their water crafts. Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan

Folly Field Beach Park

Another great destination for surfing, Folly Field Beach Park is the ideal place for surfers. Most people go here for their water activities such as boogie boarding, kite flying, and paddle boarding. The beach offers water fountains, restrooms, and sand showers. You might want to come early as they only have limited parking space.

Islander’s Beach Club

Most locals, on the other hand, choose Islander’s Beach Club in the northern part of Hilton Head Island. The beach offers a playground for kids a diversion to get them out of the water. If you need to grab a quick drink vending machines are strategically placed within the beach area so does sand showers, restrooms, and changing rooms. It is best to bring your bike or rent one as they allow annual parking permits. Our charts are beautiful, free shipping, satisfaction is guaranteed

Sea Pines Beach Club

As one of the best beach facilities in Hilton Head Island, Sea Pines Beach Club offers food service, picnic tables, and a bar. They also have lifeguards to look for your little ones. The beach also has seasonal activities for children and entertainment for adults. A day in Sea Pines Beach Club may not be enough; luckily you can stay in Sea Pines and get your parking for free.

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Palmetto Dunes Beach

For a full family beach vacation head on to Palmetto Dunes Beach to enjoy water activities or relax in a lounge lined up in the shores. It has the very best beach vibe and accessible to anyone staying in the Palmetto Dunes plantation. The lovely beach is located near Marriott Beach and Golf Resort.

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Fun Facts About Traveling to Delaware Bay | Custom Laser Cut Wood Art Here 3D Nautical Wood Chart Maps
Thomas Jefferson once referred Delaware as the “Jewel” because of its idyllic location. Delaware Bay is known as the “Diamond State”, because of its economic, political, and ecological value in the US. There are more to Delaware than meets the eye. Aside from its abundant fishing grounds, Delaware Bay hides these amazing facts: Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan

The Inhabitants of Delaware Bay

• Delaware Bay has the most concentrated population of horseshoe crabs.

• The Bay provides sanctuary for many winter migratory species of waterfowl, raptors, and songbirds. It serves as one of the four most significant places for shorebird migration in the world.  Ranking as the second most populated shorebirds in North America.

• Because of the international importance of Delaware Bay providing feeding and resting place for migratory birds, it was placed as a Ramsar site. Bursting with wetlands, the estuary is a critical area for many wading and shore birds.

• A rare species of firefly called Bethany Beach can only be found in Delaware. After disappearing for almost half a century after it was discovered, the Bethany Beach firefly reappeared in 1998 in Delaware Bay. GREAT for Remebering fishing, traveling, boating & GREAT Times!

Strategic Location of Delaware Bay

• With just 100 miles long and 35 miles wide, Delaware is the second smallest state in the US. Despite its size, it is considered as the sixth most densely inhabited state in the country.

Economic importance of Delaware Bay

• The Port of Wilmington ranks as the number one port for fresh fruit imports. It generates more than 16,000 jobs in the region, making it as an economic engine taking home $337 million of revenues. The local government receives at least $31 million worth of local taxes each year.

• Around 3,000 ships voyage in its waters, topping the list as the largest freshwater port in the world.  The Delaware Bay is also the biggest receiving center for steel, paper, meat, and crude oil imports.

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Historical Value of Delaware

• In 1923, the University of Delaware formed the first overseas study program. A professor at the University and a WWI veteran suggested the significance of inter-country relationships and cross-cultural exchange. He took eight junior students with him and sailed to France for the study program.

• Dated back to 1859, Fort Delaware is included as one of the major sites on the National Register of Historic Places. Initially, the fort was built to protect Wilmington and Philadelphia ports but the Union Fortress once held Confederate prisoners of war.

• As the second-biggest refining center for petrochemical, the Delaware Bay serves as a passage for 70% of oil shipped to the East Coast.

• English naval officer named Samuel Argall named the bay after a governor of Virginia. He got the name after Thomas West, the 12th Baron of De La Warr.

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Political Influence of Delaware Bay

• One of the most amazing events in political history happened on 1776. On July 1, 1776, Brigadier-General Caesar Rodney of Dover rode his horse to Philadelphia. Despite having skin cancer and asthma, he traveled 80 miles to cast his vote. It becomes the deciding factor in winning the country’s independence. As a commemorative for his bravery, the state incorporated the Brigadier-General on their 1999 Delaware state quarter.

• On December 7, 1787, even before any other province, Delaware was the first ever state to ratify the Constitution. In 2002, a petition was filed to hail Delaware as “The First State”.
• Even with all these significant events, Delaware was not given a National Monument until 2013. President Barrack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden gave Delaware their First State National Monument. It consisting of 1100 acres of preserved land several historic buildings including Dover Green. The building was the place where previous politicians ratified the Constitution.

Fascinating Truths about living in Delaware Bay

• Most residents of Delaware do not know the term buffering. The state has the fastest Internet speeds in the US, according to a 2015 research. Their connection is even higher compared to other countries all except South Korea. The Asian country enjoys 5g internet service almost every corner of their country including some of the most secluded rural areas.

• Recent studies show that Delaware ranks as the number one state for retirees when it comes to economy, demographics, and tax rates. It was mentioned in a Washington, D.C. based finance and business news publication.

• Delaware hosted the first of its kind “resort beauty pageants”. Held in Rehoboth Beach in 1880 where Thomas Edison was one of the judges.

• Cyclists love Delaware because of its bike-friendly facilities. In 2015, The League of American Bicyclists even dubbed the state as the third most bike-friendly state in the country.

• Delaware enjoys tax-free shopping, as the local government does not impose any sales tax in the state.

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